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The annual September LA heat wave is in full suffocating affect but here is my Fall television watchlist.

Monday | Jane the Virgin, Supergirl*, Blindspot*, Minority Report*
Tuesday | Marvel's Agents of SHIELD,  The Flash, iZombie
Wednesday | Arrow
Thursday | Heroes Reborn*
Sunday | Once Upon a Time

other | From Dusk Till Dawn, Continuum (final season), The Mindy Project

mid-season | The 100, Orphan Black, Agent Carter, Game of Thrones, Outlander, DC's Legends of Tomorrow
catch-up list | Doctor Who S7+, Lost Girl S4+, Call the Midwife S3+, Farscape S3-S4, Vikings, The Musketeers, Penny Dreadful, Poldark

definitely watching
if i have time
* new show

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je suis prest

We're going through a heat wave in LA but here are is my Fall television watchlist.

Monday | Sleepy Hollow, Gotham*, Jane the Virgin*
Tuesday | Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, The Mindy Project, The Flash*
Wednesday | Arrow, The 100
Saturday | Outlander
Sunday | Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey

mid-season | Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Agent Carter*
catch-up list | Doctor Who S7-S8, Lost Girl S4, Call the Midwife S3, Copper S2, Farscape S3-S4, Broadchurch, Vikings, The Musketeers, The Hour, The Walking Dead S4

definitely watching
if i have time
* new show

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Orphan Thanksgiving & the Tube

It's almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year's are going to come so fast. I'm hosting my 7th Annual Orphan Thanksgiving. My friend, Jen, added the "orphan" part to it a number of years ago. Since I don't have any family in town, I invite other people who also don't have family in town for Thanksgiving. I love it! I think its actually my favorite day of the year since nobody has anywhere to go people just stay and eat and hangout and play games and watch movies for 6 to 12 hours. This year, there are going to be 10 of us, possibly more, I don't have a final count. I bought my 15 lbs. turkey this weekend. Now I've got to clean my place.

On the media front, I'm watching much less tv than I anticipated. So proud of myself for finally giving up some shows. *coughhartofdixevampirediarisebeautyandthebeastcough* I've technically got it down to 9 shows but they're not all on all the time. (in order by day of week)

Once Upon a Time.
Anyone who follows me on Tumblr knows I am obsessed with Captain Swan (Killian "Hook" Jones & Emma Swan). I've always liked their dynamic since day one but last season they were mostly on opposing sides since Emma betrayed Hook then he continued on his vengeance path which he finally gave up at the end of last season. This season has been a bloody revelation: "I take it from your tone perms are bad.", "Wouldn't you like to know?/Perhaps I would?", "You couldn't handle it." (understatement of the century), "I kissed Hook/I kissed Emma", "...until I met you.", "When I win your heart, Emma — and I will win it — it will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.", "I've yet to see you fail." *tryingandfailingnottoflail*

As an arc, Neverland feels never-ending but alot of interesting back story has come out and I love the team effort of the "heroes" and "villians". Also, this season has gotten particular shippy which I'm fine with since I enjoy most of the canon ships: Rumbelle, Snowing, my new brotp — Captain Charming, and my new bffs — Ariel x Belle, even Tinkfire and Queen Macklehood/Outlaw Queen (Regina x Robin Hood). I'm seriously never getting over Macklehood (cause Robin looks like Macklemore) and my phone learned that word after one use which it never does.

Almost Human.
So far so good. Loving Dorian/Kennex buddy cop bromance. I totally trust showrunner J.H. Wyman, who did Fringe for years and stepped up to showrunner on its fifth and final season to produce a tight compelling story arc.

Sleepy Hollow.
BEST SHOW OF THE FALL. It's outrageous and fun and hilarious and scary and occasionally heartbreaking. I've loved Icabod and Abbie since day one, especially Icabod's fish-out-of-water quips. I don't ship them, especially since Crane is married and I do actually like Katrina. It can be problematic to have one of your leads in a serious relationship at the beginning of a series (see Grimm) but so far they're making it work. It helps that Katrina is integral to the mythology and her help has been needed in the present day. The supporting cast is great too especially Abbie's kick-ass sister, Jenny, and new believer, Captain Irving. P.S. Orlando Jones twitter is so freaking awesome. I have never seen anyone on the show/film side get fandom the way he gets fandom. Other creatives develop cool relationships with their fans but he is a fanboy. He started a twitter crossover of Supernatural and his own show dubbed #SuperSleepy. It's straight out of fanfiction heaven. Plus John Noble has joined the cast!

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.
Of course, there were ridiculous high hopes for this show which it couldn't sustain. It's a decent show and, after a bit of a plateau, the last few episodes have been improving. One of the main problems is everyone is the best of the best at their job and their "dark sides" don't feel shady enough. Though I did not see that hotel room hook-up coming so it may have a few surprises in store.

The Originals.
Even though this show could do with a few less glorious voice-overs/monologues, I'm still enjoying the spin-off. There's my favorite, the noble Elijah. I still have lingering TVD-love for the pouty whiner, Klaus, with his occasionally bleeding heart. I want Rebecca to be free to live her life. And *gasp* they even made the previously awful Haley likeable (and making me ship her with Elijah). I like newcomers Cami, Davina and Marcel too. It has potential.

New Girl.
It's lost its luster for me. I would have dropped this show but its on before The Mindy Project. Jess/Nick are fine but what happened to Schmidt? He's become a jerk. It's sad to see Winston being relegated to crazy cat man. Cece's been all mopey and not in a funny way.

The Mindy Project.
This show just can't seem to find its footing all at the same time. Once something starts working, they break it all over again. (Seriously, did we need another dude doctor?) There was a terrible episode that made me stop watching for a few weeks but now I'm back and its been picking up again. Mainly, I watch this for Danny/Mindy moments and the one where she stayed overnight at Danny's when he thought she had a crush on him was a classic.

This show has been solid. There has been character development for the whole cast and a good balance of island backstory with the present day. Olicity has been burning nice and slow, just the way I like it.

Nikita. (the final six episodes)
Just started last Friday but it was good to see the team again for the beginning of the end. Yay, Owen/Sam showing up right away too! Devon Sawa's been apart of this since S1 and his character has always been the wild card, even more so this season.
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the season begins

I don't know why Fall always feels rushed but here I am again already watching new episodes and not commenting on them. Here's my annual list.

Monday Sleepy Hollow*, Almost Human*, Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast, Castle
I'm already in love with Tom Mison's wise-crackin' Icabod Crane and John Noble was just announced today in a reoccurring role on Sleepy Hollow. J.H. Wyman, who was the fantastic showrunner on the finale season of Fringe, brings us a futuristic buddy comedy Almost Human with Karl Urban. The rest I'd like to dump but don't know if I'll have the will power.

Tuesday Marvel's Agents of SHIELD*, The Originals*, The Mindy Project, New Girl
My number 1 ship right now is Mindy/Danny which I'm desperately hoping won't be screwed up. SHIELD looks great. I want to have as fresh a view as possible so I'm avoiding media for it. While TVD has had better days, I'm actually looking forward to Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca getting out from the shadows to be front and center. I'm watching New Girl. It makes me laugh but I'm not excited to watch it.

Wednesday Arrow, The Tomorrow People*
Amell night! Arrow ended on a high note last season. I hope it continues to improve. TTP looks promising. I'm a sucker for anything scifi.

Thursday Once Upon a Time in Wonderland*, The Vampire Diaries, Reign*
OUATIW looks exciting and is not overburdened by too many characters who don't get enough screen time like its mothership. TVD is a toss-up. I love Caroline but everyone else I still care about moved over to TO. (The one thing that sucks is they separated Klaroline.) Sadly, the Reign trailer looked terrible but I do love a good costume drama so I'll check it out.

Friday Grimm, Dracula*, Nikita
Nikita's final 6 episodes will hopefully bring back Devon Sawa. Not feeling Grimm as much these days. It's hard when the main character already starts the series in a committed relationship that no one cares about. But I love Monroe and Nick's friendship and Monroe/Rosalee. Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Yes, please.

Sunday Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead
Really looking forward to OUAT in Neverland and Captain Swan action. And old faves DA and TWD.

Mid-Season: Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Sherlock

catch-up list: Doctor Who S7-S8, Lost Girl S3, Call the Midwife S2, Raising Hope S3, Copper S2, Farscape S3-S4, Broadchurch, Vikings

definitely watching
if i have time
* new show
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"I just want some answers."

I had been seeing the buzz online about Orphan Black which is an original series for BBC America filmed in Canada. I watched the first 4 episodes in a few days and then I started episode 5 and didn't stop until I finished the first season with episode 10 sometime after midnight on Monday night. I couldn't help myself. This is show is brilliant and Tatiana Maslany needs all the awards for playing multiple characters. She just won Critic's Choice Awards' Best Actress Drama. Next up, Emmy? We can only hope.

I don't want to say too much about it because it's one of those shows that's so much better letting it unfold before your unspoilt eyes. Just watch it and get back to me. I regret nothing.

For the record, Sarah is my favorite.
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Veronica Mars sleuths again

The Veronica Mars Movie Project and Promo Video

I can't believe this is really happening, a movie. Veronica Mars was one of my favorite shows back in the day. Granted I did bail a few episodes into S3 because it was so terrible but when it was good.... oh, it was good. The video they made would have been a nice Funny or Die bit. I'm still in shock about it being a movie. Yes, I pledged. A ten-year reunion sounds promising; I'd like to see them at it again; and I want to be apart of history because at the rate this is going its a race to see how fast they can make their money. Just after noon Pacific time, they crossed the halfway mark of $1 million dollars on the first day of 30 days to make their goal. I'm blown away and I'm sure Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the crew are too. I went back and dug out one of my old icons for the occasion.

Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes the Browncoats to ask Joss for the kickstarter treatment? Of course they'd need to raise at least $30 million for all the sets and special effects.

UPDATE (6:40PM PST): It's official. There will be a Veronica Mars movie. They've raised $2 million and they still have 29 more days to add to that number.